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Artem Platinov

Good experience as a network administrator / Free linux OS developer. I can help with a connection or setup devices. Different skill of installing equipment, making designs of network...

L'Epiphanie, Canada

Network administration 10

Clear, Practical, (Technology) Solutions in Action

A passionate innovator and “Servant Leader” with 25+ years business technology experience, more than 10 years of direct line management experience with teams from 3 to 30+ reports (direct and...

Calgary, Canada

Project management (IT) 14 Program management 9 Enterprise Content Management 10 ERP consulting 8 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 6 Microsoft Dynamics ERP 1 Microsoft SharePoint Server 18 Management 9 Transformation Management 10 Solution architecture 7

Demand Forecasting and Retail Strategy

Experienced forecasting & Demand Planning professional with over 5 years of progressively increasing responsibilities in financial analysis, demand planning, and strategy within retail environments....

Toronto, Canada

Python 4 Microsoft Power BI 2 SAP SCM 4 SAS (Software) 1 VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) 4 Microsoft Office 365 7

Security Solution Architect

Diligent and a Critical Thinking Cyber Security Expert with an extensive experience of over 14 years in Developing Cyber Security Strategies, Programs, Standards and Guidelines for organizations from...

Brampton, Canada

Cyber security 15 Cyber Security Practitioner (CSP) 15 Information security 15 IT security 15 Network security 10 Web security 15 McAfee Policy Auditor 15 DIN ISO/IEC 27001 7 Certified Cloud Security 7 Project management 8

Full Stack Developer

Google Search console, OOPS Concept, C,C++, PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter,CakePHP,generate meta tags and schema for Digital Marketing,XAMPP,Python and React.JS,DNS,SSL certificate generate

Gloucester (Blossom Park / Hunt Club East / Leitrim), Canada

Laravel 6 HTML5 6 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 6 MICROSOFT EXCEL 6 SQL 6 CLOUDFLARE 5 React (JavaScript library) 3 PHP 6 CakePHP 6 MongoDB 3

Database Manager

As a database manager with skills in compliance management, financial analysis, risk management, and database management, I bring a unique combination of technical expertise and compliance-oriented...

Kitchener, Canada

Compliance management 10 Technical writing 8 VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) 10 Visual arts 5 Financial analysis 5 Database administration 8

Material science & engineering

I have education in material science and engineering and do lots of projects in variety of aspects of materials science for about 10 years. Beside that I am so interested in learning new things...

Victoria, Canada

Material engineering / material science 10 Material testing 5 Changing material property 5 Strength of materials 5 Engineering science 10 Metallography 8 Metallurgy 10 Powder metallurgy 6 MS Office (user know-how) 10 Molecular Dynamics Simulation 3

Software support specialist

I graduated from Süleyman Demirel University Health Services Vocational High School in 2015.i started working at Fonet Information Technologies company in 2017.I have worked in the Educational...

Georgetown, Canada

SQL 7 PL/SQL 7 C# 2

Spécialiste en développement et efficacité organisationnelle

Forte d'une expérience de plus de 15 ans dans les domaines du développement organisationnelle, de l'efficacité organisationnelle et de la gestion des ressources humaines, je suis une professionnelle...

Saint-Christophe-d'Arthabaska, Canada

Gestion de projets multiples 10 Gestion des ressources humaines (GRH) 15 Développement organisationnel 15 Analyse d'entreprise 10 Optimisation des processus 10 Gestion du changement 10 Gestion des compétences 15 Gestion des connaissances (KM) 10 Système de gestion des ressources humaines 10

IT Data Engineering Manager

I am continuously learning in the pursuit of achieving excellence. Always aspire to be able to use my existing skills to add value to the organization, thus obtaining maximum satisfaction and...

Mississauga, Canada

SAS , SQL , UNIX, Azure , Databricks , Data factory 13 Data analysis 13 SAS (Software) 13 Agile development 7