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Engineering Leader: Software & Data Architect with AI Expertise

Tech lead with 15+ years of experience, skilled in .NET, Azure, Java, GCP, Python, and React JS. Demonstrated success in executing data projects, defining product roadmaps, and leading dynamic...

Ottawa, Canada

Java 10 .Net 11 Microsoft Azure 7 Google Cloud 2 C# 13 DevOps 11 Python 9

Programmeuse informatique | Java | C# | HTML | CSS |JavaScript| NodeJS | SQL server

Bonjour, je m'appelle Bilan Barre Faarax je suis programmeuse, j'ai obtenu mon diplôme en programmation informatique au Collège La Cité d'Ottawa dans le cadre du programme de programmation...

Gatineau, Canada

| Java | C# | HTML | CSS | NodeJS | SQL server 2

programmer-developer (Java OOP, Python, C, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, REACT)

Hello! I'm Wen, a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Montréal, ready to embark on a dynamic freelance journey in software development. With a fresh and up-to-date skill set in...

Montréal, Canada

Java (OOP), Python, C, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, REACT 3

App Developer

With seven years of comprehensive experience, I bring expertise in Kotlin, Java, data management, Flutter, Jetpack Compose, API integration, and PHP website development to the table. Alongside...

Belleville, Canada

Java 7 Kotlin 3 Dart 1 Flutter 1 PHP 4 HTML 4

Senior Software Engineer

As a software developer, I am passionate about building intuitive and functional applications for web, mobile, and system design. I am constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest...

Montreal, Canada
Expérience vérifiée: 1
Références vérifiées: 1

Java 10 JavaScript 8 React (JavaScript library) 4 Flutter 4 Spring 8 Node.js 8 SQL 8 Jenkins 7 Docker 7

Analyste programmeuse

Je me distingue par mes compétences avérées dans le développement d'applications web. La capacité a cerné avec précision les besoins des projets, une expertise pointue en conception logicielle. Un...

Montréal, Canada

JAVA, PHP,ASP.NET 2 Laravel, MySql 2 SPIP, WordPress 3 Html, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, JQuery, 5

Brooke C

I'm a freelance game developer with 1 year of experience creating games. I'm passionate about coding and designing games that are both fun to play and visually appealing. I have 5 years of coding...

Waterloo, Canada

Unreal Engine 1 Java 5 Python 3 C++ 2 C 2 C# 2 Git 5 Game development 1 Game design 1 Video game art 1


Je suis étudiant en génie logiciel, j'ai une bonne expérience dans le développement d'applications en C++ et Java. Je maîtrise le C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 et Bootstrap.

Québec, Canada

C++ 3 Java 1 JavaScript 1 JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) 1 Python 2 HTML5 2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 3

Senior Back-End Developer

Coming from game and desktop development i have over 5 years of full-stack web development, optimized multiple apps to half the operation and costing costs (reducing the price by 5-10k a month) and...

Moncton, Canada

PHP 6 .Net Framework (Mircosoft) 6 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 5 Java 3 Cost optimization 4

Junior Frontend Developer

I am an experienced and passionate Front-End developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Node.js and React. Development,practice and work for the are important for me. I am skillful in...

Winnipeg, Canada

Java Script,HTML5,CSS,React,Node.js 1