Full Stack Developer / Data Scientist

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Last updated: Oct 17, 2023

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Personal summary

I am Sushil Basi, a Full Stack Developer with experience in both in-house and freelance roles. I hold a degree in Bachelor's in Computer Science and Information Technology from St.Xavier’s College and currently studying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Lambton College. At Code for Core Innovation, where I served as a Software Engineer, I played a vital role in developing the Ministry of Health Application, which won an ICT Award jury special mention in 2021. My experience in project management, data analysis, data visualization, and system maintenance, coupled with my proficiency in various technologies such as Python, React JS, Javascript, MySql, MongoDB, Jquery, Ajax, XML, JSON, firebase, and git, enabled me to contribute significantly to the project's success. At my previous position in Craftalaya Tech, I collaborated with multiple service providers to develop a full-fledged program within a tight deadline, utilizing my skills in Python, React Js, TypeScript, Redux, MySQL, Github, Cpanel CI, Django Framework, and XML. Additionally, I researched and studied existing marketing applications to develop improved versions for the client's project. As a freelance developer for Pailo Paila Pvt. Ltd, I worked on various projects that required my expertise in React Js, NodeJs, Mysql, and various APIs, including Facebook and Messenger graph APIs, for marketing automation and product sales.

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