Lexi la Rue

Lexi la Rue

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Last updated: Jan 10, 2024

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Lexi la Rue is an aspiring freelance writer from Regina, SK, Canada. Passionate about writing since childhood, Lexi has recently embarked on a freelance career to save her mortgage. With a wide range of interests, including music production, animals, and art, Lexi brings a unique perspective to her work. Her writing style paints vivid pictures and captivates readers with ease of visualization. Beyond writing, Lexi is a charismatic storyteller who enjoys making music, playing instruments, and engaging in activities like yoga and skateboarding. She believes in embracing individuality and celebrating differences. While she hasn't received extensive recognition, Lexi's poetic talents were acknowledged when she won a poetry contest in grade 2. With goals to secure financial stability, Lexi invites you to experience her captivating storytelling. As a transgender individual, her personal journey adds depth and richness to her writing, making her a captivating writer.



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