Data Analyst

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Last updated: Jan 8, 2024

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Personal summary

I am a data analyst with a solid foundation in data analysis and proficiency in SQL, Python, Excel, Google Analytics, and Tableau. Over the past two years, I have honed my SQL and Python expertise, successfully designing and implementing efficient database solutions. My five years of Excel experience have equipped me with advanced data manipulation and analysis capabilities, enhancing my ability to derive meaningful insights. In addition, I have a year of hands-on experience with Google Analytics, contributing to strategic decision-making by interpreting web analytics data. Moreover, my proficiency in Tableau has allowed me to create visually compelling dashboards, effectively communicating complex data trends to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. I am confident that my analytical skills make me a valuable asset to your project. I am eager to contribute my expertise to your project and I am excited about the prospect of further discussing how my skills align with your needs.

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