Lipi Lapsiwala

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Disponibilité: membres seulement

Disponibilité à voyager: À la maison

Statut professionnel: Employé

Dernière mise à jour: 15 juil. 2023

Expérience de travail totale: 5 année(s)

Connaissances linguistiques: Anglais,

Sommaire professionel

Versatile Systems Engineer with 5+ years of experience generating and implementing technology-driven solutions by utilizing advanced tools and methodologies to achieve business objectives. Ability to learn and master new concepts quickly and apply them for accelerated results. Optimized client cost by 30% in AWS monthly billing by implementing instance scheduler.


Python (Basic) Certificate

2020 Canada


2021 Canada

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (003)

2023 Canada

Connaissances linguistiques