Dhruv Patel

Taux horaire: membres seulement

Disponibilité: membres seulement

Disponibilité à voyager: À la maison

Statut professionnel: Étudiant

Dernière mise à jour: 5 août 2023

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Connaissances linguistiques: Anglais, Gujarati, Hindi,

Sommaire professionel

I am a diligent Overnight Stocker with a strong commitment to smooth retail operations during off-hours. Experienced in restocking shelves, organizing merchandise, and inventory checks, he excels in communication and multitasking. Skilled in stocking, safety maintenance, and inventory counts, I am a valued team member. With a background in product merchandising and production documentation, I brings attention to detail and efficiency. Pursuing a PG Diploma in Business, Dhruv holds a Bachelor's in Chemistry. My dedication and expertise make me an ideal candidate formathematics work as a tutor.

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