Graphic Designer and Animator

Graphic Designer and Animator

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Dernière mise à jour: 8 août 2023

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Connaissances linguistiques: Anglais, Mandarin, Japonais,

Sommaire professionel

In the realm of graphic design, I've crafted posters, characters, business cards, and logos for multiple organizations across China and Canada. My portfolio boasts designs for Canada's 'All Season' finance firm and notable brands in China, including a tea society and a Shenzhen-based sports brand. I was the creative force behind the logo for Shenzhen's inaugural Pickleball Cup. These experiences fine-tuned my expertise in logo design and Adobe Illustrator. Beyond this, I'm adept in 3D modeling, illustrations, and animation, with a notable feat being a poster design aired on CCTV, China's premier TV network. My technical prowess spans several design tools, and I've designed UIs for apps like Healthist and SkillA. Additionally, having worked on "Happy House of Frightenstein Season 2," I'm well-versed in animation industry processes.

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