Mahwar M

Mahwar M

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Sommaire professionel

As a dedicated final year undergraduate chemistry student with a passion for research and innovation, I am actively seeking opportunities within the realm of chemistry R&D. My academic journey has been enriched by hands-on experience in material chemistry, collaborating closely with my esteemed professor. Together, we delved into the intriguing world of atom precise palladium catalysis, honing my skills in selective catalysis techniques. This endeavor has not only deepened my understanding of complex chemical processes but has also ignited my enthusiasm for pioneering advancements in the field. Through meticulous experimentation and rigorous analysis, I have developed a keen eye for detail and an aptitude for problem-solving. Eager to contribute my insights and dedication to your projects, I am poised to embark on a freelancing journey that harmonizes my academic foundation with real-world scientific exploration.



2023 Canada

Industrial Biotechnology

2023 Canada

Google Cybersecurity Certificate

2023 Canada

E-Marketing Specialization

2023 Canada

WHMIS 2015

2023 Canada

CPR/First Aid

2021 Canada

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