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With 6 years of dedicated experience, my journey spans from my initial role as a Junior Architect at Sameer Durve Architects to my current position as an accomplished Associate Senior Architect at Burns and McDonnell, India. Over this period, I have consistently refined my expertise across a diverse array of projects, encompassing residential spaces, bungalows, hotels, and resorts. In my capacity as a Project Head, I've taken charge of key initiatives, exhibiting full-cycle involvement encompassing design, meticulous site coordination, and nurturing robust client relationships. As a seasoned Project Manager, I've adeptly overseen collaborations with consultants and contractors to orchestrate outcomes of paramount quality. My skill set extends to digital modelling, precision-driven working drawings, and rigorous site inspections, all aimed at upholding rigorous standards of excellence. Recognizing the dynamic nature of our industry, I am committed to advanced education that affords a comprehensive grasp of emerging practices. The fusion of experience and cutting-edge insights positions me to drive optimal results in my role. #ProjectManagement #ArchitecturalDesign

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