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I am confident in my ability to contribute to company's mission of delivering trusted advice and fostering growth for clients and communities. I have a bachelor's degree in information and technology, where I studied everything from computer languages to the fundamentals of programming languages. In my Post Graduate Diploma in Web Development Program, I also received the Dean's Honor Award. I recently earned my "Project Management" graduate certificate from the province of Ontario. As a Front-End Developer at Ever Brands Limited and Junior Developer Intern at N-MICRO IT Solutions, I've worked with dynamic teams and mentors, fostering growth and thriving in a progressive environment. I've contributed to creating responsive landing pages, ensuring website functionality, and delivering quality code. I have actively interacted with people from all origins and identities throughout my academic and professional careers. Working in inclusive and multicultural cultures, I approach my work with excitement and recognize the need of a healthy work-life balance. I am always excited to take part in events that foster the growth of my skills and a sense of teamwork. I am continually looking for possibilities for both personal and professional growth because I am an avid student.Participating in team projects has polished my communication and teamwork abilities, making me skilled at forming enduring relationships. I have a wide range of technical expertise in methods, databases, CMSs, and front-end and back-end technologies. They've worked as a Full-Stack Developer in a business setting, finished internships in Canada, and resided in India as a Software Developer. In addition to my technical abilities, I am confident in my ability to communicate, be motivated by myself, solve problems, and exercise critical thinking. I always want to contribute and pick up new skills. I am adept at showcasing both my programming abilities and communication skills. I am thrilled about the chance to lend my expertise and experience , a business renowned for its dedication to quality and positive social impact. I'm sure that my technological know-how, commitment to excellence, and enthusiasm for teamwork are exactly in line with the principles and objectives of your company.


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