Animator, Illustrator, Character Designer

Animator, Illustrator, Character Designer

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Disponibilité à voyager: Europe

Statut professionnel: Pigiste

Dernière mise à jour: 5 nov. 2023

Expérience de travail totale: 3 année(s)

Connaissances linguistiques: Anglais, Français, Hindi,

Sommaire professionel

My name is Rimps Jain, I am from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and I am an artist, animator, character designer, and illustrator. I am an inquisitive soul with an eagerness to learn and seize new opportunities that cater to my interests and come my way. Growing up, I spent most of my time with a sketchbook and colors. I have always loved to draw, but my desire to learn new skills led me to animation. I am passionate about telling my stories through any medium possible. This has given me a new perspective on how to tell stories about events that happen around me.

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