Intermediate Software Developer

Intermediate Software Developer

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Statut professionnel: Pigiste

Dernière mise à jour: 23 nov. 2023

Expérience de travail totale: 6 année(s)

Connaissances linguistiques: Anglais, Espagnol,

Sommaire professionel

I'm a passionate developer who is remote-based; I am Canadian and used to client demands in North America and not afraid to roll up my sleeves when stuff needs to get done. My tech stack knowledge is current and am always eager to make new connections and use my skills to solve the issues at hand. I value transparency and honesty; which means being honest with deadlines and complexity along with really making sure we understand one another when it comes to problems and solutions - my job in a nutshell is to take your idea or your problem and transform it into a digital solution that is both professional and high quality. Working with me you can expect ethics, honestly with superior work ethic with communication every step of the way.

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