programmer-developer (Java OOP, Python, C, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, REACT)

programmer-developer (Java OOP, Python, C, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, REACT)

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Hello! I'm Wen, a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Montréal, ready to embark on a dynamic freelance journey in software development. With a fresh and up-to-date skill set in programming languages including Java, Python, C, and JavaScript, and proficiency in technologies like React, HTML/CSS, PHP, and SQL, I am equipped to tackle modern technical challenges. My academic projects and personal endeavors demonstrate a strong aptitude for problem-solving and innovation. Beyond my technical skills, my experiences in customer service and inventory management have honed my abilities in multitasking and adapting to fast-paced environments. As a motivated and adaptable new professional, I am keen to collaborate within innovative development teams and contribute valuable, tailor-made solutions to a variety of projects.

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