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I worked as a part-time English teacher at Kish Institute for 10 years from 1995 to 2005. Director of Derakhtemehr Kindergarten and a board of directors member since December 18, 2001. Creative and energetic Early Childhood Educator with 21 years of experience offering diverse activity plans and experiential learning opportunities to enhance individual development. Friendly, supportive, and motivated with a strong desire to promote children's potential. QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS • Able to work cooperatively in a team effort • Know how to accept instructions and learn from others • Resourceful; skilled in analyzing and solving problems • Manage time and stress effectively • Orderly and have strong organizational skills • Honest, friendly, outstanding communication skills CERTIFICATIONS Early Childhood Education, Project Base & Humanistic Psychology Approach UNESCO & Donya Children Research Institute (DCRI) (6 Months) 2003 Tehran, Iran Educational project management at UNICEF 2007 Tehran, Iran Familiarity with behavioral and humanistic educational approaches, namely Waldorf and Gardner at Koodakan Donya Research Institute 2006 Tehran, Iran Play therapy course at Koodakan Donya Research Institute 2006 Tehran, Iran Familiarity with the fundamentals of children and young adults’ literature at Children's Book Council 2006 Tehran, Iran Movement games, sensory games, emotional games, rhythm games, psychology and child development, sexual development at Koodakan Donya Research Institute 2004 Tehran, Iran Preschool Executive Coordinator 2009 - 2023 Derakhtemehr Tehran, Iran • Trained more than 20 kindergarten teachers • Planned and organized educational activities for school-age children in child-care programs Preschool and primary school Educator 2009- 2023 Derakhtemehr Tehran, Iran • Organized and led activities to promote physical, mental, and social development • Collaborated with parents to develop and maintain strong support networks and continuing • education opportunities for each student. • Enhanced sensory abilities by giving children access to numerous textures and shapes. • Managed schedule of group activities, special events, and class field trips • Implementation of kids' urban adventure projects. • Taught children foundational skills such as colors, shapes, and letters • Supported early childhood educators in carrying out programs that promote physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development through telling and reading stories • Organized activities to promote physical, mental, and social development with 3-5 years old students • Implemented hands-on, play-based strategies like games and crafts for experiential learning • Assisted in providing the children with opportunities to express creativity through art, dramatic play, music, and physical activities • Maintained an environment that protects the health, security, and well-being of children • Observed children for signs of potential learning or behavioral problems and prepared reports for parents, guardians, or preschool supervisor Recent Activities in Canada 2023 ● Working as an ECEA for a month in a daycare in Vancouver – October & November 2023 ● Working as a volunteer in an immigration office – November 2023 ● Holder of an open work permit from 2023 to 2026

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