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As a Senior Software Engineer at Bluescape, a leading visual collaboration platform, I develop customer-facing and highly scalable web services using typescript in nodejs. I work with a cross-functional team of engineers, designers, and product managers to deliver innovative solutions that enhance the user experience and engagement. Prior to joining Bluescape, I was a Team Lead and a Senior Software Engineer at Contentstack, a cloud-based headless CMS provider. I led a team of six developers and contributed to the design, development, testing, and deployment of multiple microservices and APIs using nodejs, and AWS. I also implemented best practices such as code reviews, unit testing, and continuous integration and delivery. Under my leadership, the team increased the performance, security, and reliability of the web services by 30%. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Information Technology from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, where I graduated with honors in 2014. I also have a Diploma in Computer Technology from Vartak Polytechnic, where I ranked first in my batch in 2011. I have a verified international academic qualification issued by World Education Services. I am passionate about learning new technologies and applying them to solve real-world problems. I am always eager to collaborate with other professionals and share my knowledge and skills.

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