Sales and Process Trainer

Sales and Process Trainer

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Hello, I am a 30 year Veteran in the Automotive Industry. 27 years spent as a high achieving top salesperson, 2 as a Automotive Sales Trainer and Consultant with one of North America's top training companies and a General Manager for 2 Chrysler Dealerships. My passion is in giving back everything I have learned to Salespeople new or old in the business by supplying them with the tools they need to be better than average with there money goals and there personal goals. In doing this I have a real care for developing training plans and processes by implementing a non confrontational selling program most of which I learnt from the 12 in person courses I received from the Joe Verde Training I was fortunate enough to take. I am looking for a role that allows me to be creative and work alongside professionals in this space and develop top notch training and process es to help Dealerships take to the next level. I feel like the "art of selling" is fizzling away as dealers are not providing training and are also promoting employees that have no experience as a salesperson. In doing this I am seeing a massive uptick of less than average Salespeople, partially do to the cutting of costs of training. This is where I believe the opportunity is and I am greatly motivated to conquer this issue. If you are looking for someone that knows the sales process and is passionate about the business and learning more about your business and exactly what you would like to implement please let me know. Thanks

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