Project Coordinator/ Estimator

Project Coordinator/ Estimator

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Welcome to my profile! I'm Shivani, a seasoned Project Coordinator dedicated to achieving successful project outcomes. With an MBA in Marketing from Kurukshetra University and recent certification in Project Management, I bring a unique blend of skills and experience to the table. In my role as a Project Coordinator at GamePill, I've been instrumental in project success. Utilizing tools like Excel, Slack, Smartsheets, and Gantt charts, I've efficiently managed project progress and resource utilization. Following agile methodologies, I've led the quality assurance testing phase for game projects, ensuring a 95% bug-free outcome and 25% higher quality. This experience has honed my ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic project environments. At HNI India, my role as a Project Executive equipped me with a diverse skill set. Leveraging tools such as MS Project, Excel, SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce, I orchestrated the seamless execution of office furniture projects, generating $625K in revenue within a year. My meticulous approach ensured a 100% on-time delivery record, demonstrating my commitment to excellence. Volunteering as a Project Manager at PMI Lakeshore Ontario Chapter has been a rewarding experience. Collaborating closely with the team, I've utilized tools like Kanbanchi and embraced agile methodologies. This volunteer role has enriched my skill set, allowing me to contribute effectively to project management initiatives and fostering a passion for continuous improvement. With experiences at Business Standard and Bajaj Capital Ltd., my career journey reflects a commitment to attention to detail, problem-solving, and customer-centric approaches. Enthusiastic about contributing to meaningful projects, I invite you to connect and explore how our collaboration can lead to mutual success. Let's leverage my diverse skill set, industry experience, and academic acumen to navigate the complexities of project management and achieve outstanding results together.

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