Business / QA Analyst

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I am a highly skilled IT professional with a Master's degree in Computer Science and expertise in ERP systems, databases, and system maintenance. In order to improve software quality and promote data-driven decision-making in dynamic businesses, I aim to use my experience as a Data / Business Analyst & Quality Assurance. I aim to contribute my SAP Analytics Cloud / Power BI skills by: Creating insightful data visualizations that empower businesses to extract valuable insights. Implementing predictive analytics to facilitate proactive decision-making. I intend to use my Quality Assurance expertise to: Design and execute comprehensive test plans to identify defects and vulnerabilities. Collaborate with development teams to address and rectify issues. Ensure software products meet the highest quality standards. Facilitate cross-functional cooperation to deliver seamless, user-friendly software applications. Overall, my objective is to play a important role in advancing the capabilities of SAC / Power BI and ensuring software excellence through quality assurance. I look forward to contributing to innovative projects, and making a significant impact in data analytics and software quality. Specialties: Team Development & Leadership Business Intelligence Architecture SAP Analytic Cloud Power BI Operating systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX Databases: MS SQL and Oracle Framework/Tools: MS office, Amazon Web Service.

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