Data Analyst / Scientist

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Last updated: Aug 20, 2023

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I gained 3+ years of experience in software engineering and Microsoft technologies. - Have experience in writing queries, manipulating the data using SQL, and scheduling jobs to pull the data from the client database. - Knowledge in Exploratory data analysis using Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib. - Performed analysis on different types of data such as Text, Images, Tabular data and Audio. - Extracted data from various sources like websites, Twitter, youtube comments etc. - Developed machine learning models using Keras, Scikit-learn and TensorFlow and deployed them in the cloud. - Knowledge of machine learning model optimization techniques and hyperparameter tuning. - Familiar with the concepts of Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Computer Vision(CV). - Developed Business Applications using Microsoft PowerApps technology that reduces the manual effort of the clients. - Integrated the applications to the database using Microsoft Power Automate technology. I'm passionate about coding and training machine learning models by tweaking the parameters. I am eager to learn and adapt to different technologies.

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