Subtitler, copywriting, writer.

Subtitler, copywriting, writer.

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Last updated: Sep 1, 2023

Total work experience: 4 year(s)

Language skills: Spanish,

Personal summary

I have a background in the audiovisual and marketing fields. During my professional life, I have developed roles as an assistant producer, marketing coordinator, audiovisual curator, content creation, and audiovisual translator roles. All those tasks provided me with several skills such as time management, creativity, adaptability, close attention to detail, task management, writing, and computer skills (word, excel, PowerPoint, Visual Studio Code, content management system, WordPress). I worked in a TV channel writing the script for a wide variety of programs and reports. Also, I have worked in marketing with an agency that specialized in media for children, adolescents, and families. My responsibilities were to develop and create content for the agency’s blog, wrote and proofread articles, performed copywriting tasks for social media posts, and reviewed material in English and Spanish for interpreting, translating, and subtitling. Also, I had to work with editors and writer to schedule and post stories, copies, articles and visual content across the website and social platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress). Moreover, I have worked in an audiovisual producer performing different roles such as producer assistant, art assistant, script.



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2022 Colombia

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