AWS Cloud Engineer

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Willingness to travel: Europe

Professional status: Employee

Last updated: Nov 24, 2023

Total work experience: 18 year(s)

Language skills: English,

Personal summary

During my tenure working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), I acquired comprehensive expertise in cloud computing, focusing on designing, deploying, and managing scalable and robust cloud infrastructure. Cloud Architecture & Design: Spearheaded the migration of several on-premises applications to the AWS cloud, ensuring a seamless transition with zero downtime. Designed and implemented multi-tier architectures using services like EC2, RDS, and Elastic Beanstalk. Data Management: Managed and optimized AWS data storage solutions including S3, EFS, and RDS. Employed AWS Data Migration Service and Snowball to facilitate large-scale data transfers to the cloud. Security and Compliance: Implemented security measures using IAM, KMS, and Security Groups, ensuring the highest level of protection for resources and data. Regularly audited AWS environments with AWS Config and CloudTrail to maintain compliance standards. DevOps and Automation: Leveraged AWS CloudFormation and Elastic Beanstalk for automated provisioning and deployment of resources. Integrated CI/CD pipelines using AWS CodePipeline and CodeDeploy. Cost Optimization and Management: Regularly conducted AWS cost and usage analysis, employing AWS Cost Explorer and Trusted Advisor for cost-saving recommendations. Utilized reserved instances and AWS Savings Plans for optimized budgeting. Networking and Content Delivery: Designed and managed VPC configurations, ensuring isolation of resources and secure interconnectivity. Employed CloudFront and AWS Global Accelerator for efficient content delivery to global end-users. Throughout my AWS journey, I've remained committed to continuous learning, staying updated with the latest AWS offerings and best practices. My hands-on experience, combined with my problem-solving aptitude, positions me well to tackle complex cloud-based challenges.

Language skills