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Last updated: Oct 22, 2023

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I lived in a world filled with diversity and a wide array of colors. My most recent journey was not as a typical traveler, but as an adventurous refugee from a new realm called Freelancing. My story began as a translator and lawyer who had worked for years in courtrooms and conferences. Proficiency in languages such as English, Arabic, French, and Farsi always brought me closer to different cultures and languages. Languages were my gateway to connecting with the diverse world. Experiences in teaching at the university, consulting in marketing and sales, and working as a lawyer all allowed me to gain new skills. But one day, I decided to dive into the world of freelancing. Since that day, I've started a fresh life as a Freelance Translator and Writer. As a translator, I provide valuable services to clients from around the world, and as a writer, I use stories and words to create engaging and inspirational content. My life is now dedicated to turning words into stories, connecting with people from different corners of the world, and crafting diverse and creative content. I'm always on the lookout for new adventures and a world full of fresh ideas. In the freelancing world, I'm ready to take on any challenge that comes my way. I am a professional translator with years of experience in translation, teaching and consulting in marketing and sales. My translation skills and in-depth knowledge of English, Arabic, French and Persian languages ​​make me a reliable source for your translation needs. As a lecturer with culturally diverse students and experience in teaching different subjects, I have strong communication skills and the ability to transfer information in transformative ways. Services : Translation of official and specialized texts Training and consulting in the field of marketing and sales management Historical and cultural tour guidance Providing diverse services in several specific languages My main topic: As a professional, I put my point of view on all matters of my client and audience. The most important goal of the service is to improve the customer experience and provide quality and value to customers. call me

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