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Last updated: Nov 8, 2023

Total work experience: 2 year(s)

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Personal summary

I am a highly skilled Cyber Security Engineer with a strong background in both cloud engineering and cybersecurity. I have previously worked as a Cloud Engineer at the Amazon Development Centre, where I managed data processing for top car companies, including renowned F1 car manufacturers, using AWS. In addition to my cloud expertise, I gained foundational experience in cybersecurity as an intern at Google, assisting in identifying vulnerabilities and incident response. I've also worked as a freelancer at Foreseeti, specializing in threat analysis and vulnerability assessments. My skills encompass a wide range of platforms, technologies, and programming languages, with certifications such as CISSP, CEH, and AWS Certified Security - Specialty, which reflect my commitment to the field. This combination of hands-on experience, diverse skills, and industry certifications positions me as a strong candidate for roles in cybersecurity and cloud engineering.



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