Organization Development Consultant/Organizational Psychologist

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Last updated: Feb 2, 2024

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Elias is a seasoned Knowledge Management professional with rich expertise in knowledge production, design, analysis and dissemination. With a decade of experience as an Organizational Development (OD) Consultant, he excels in change management, dynamic team building, strategy planning and development, as well as monitoring and evaluation. Elias is a sought-after consultant in the global development space, known for his key achievements in improving organizations across various domains such as change management, business process re-engineering, customer service experience, results-based communication strategy, impactful storytelling, and Six Sigma. His commitment to modern workplace and 21st Century soft skills, including Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, Problem Solving, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, sets him apart in delivering comprehensive solutions. Elias is dedicated to driving success through innovative approaches and has a proven track record of fostering positive change within consultee organizations

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