Chemical Engineer

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Last updated: Dec 15, 2023

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▪ Proper loading & unloading plan for serving all clients without any delay. ▪ To handle Tank tanker loading & unloading fleet management by minimize TAT (Tanker in and Tanker out). ▪ Ensure safe smooth Dock line and Internal Pipelines Pigging Operation through Cup pig & Foam Pig for fully emptyingthe pipelines and taking the chemical into Tanks. ▪ Ensure safe road tanker loading-unloading operation through Radio Frequency Identification card in Auto mode having the various safety interlocks in view to avoid any mishaps. ▪ Ensure proper Tank & Pipeline cleaning including freshwater cleaning & various cleaning methods by using the variouscleaning agents. ▪ Have good exposure of handling of more than 200+ different types of liquids which fall under Class A, B, C & Non-classified as per petroleum class of liquids. ▪ Ensure the availability of sufficient manpower deployment and manpower management in view to smooth distribution & execution of workload. ▪ Run the loading & unloading activity on SCADA system. ▪ Calculate the ullage in storage tanks considering the safe filling height and properties of the chemical which is to be received/dispatched from tanks by using analytical and MS office commands. ▪ Update Tentative Vessel Operation Plan with close coordination with marketing team, custom house agent, vessel agent and marine department. ▪ Prepare the Vessel Import or Export documents like Tanks & Pipelines Inspection certificate, Empty Tank Certificate, Out Turn Report with signed by nominated Third party surveyors with well coordination with field officers and supervisors.

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