Software support specialist

Software support specialist

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Last updated: Jul 8, 2024

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I graduated from Süleyman Demirel University Health Services Vocational High School in 2015.i started working at Fonet Information Technologies company in 2017.I have worked in the Educational Support and LBS installation processes of Laboratory systems of other district hospitals, especially Sivas Sample and Educational research hospital within the Sivas provincial Health Directorate.Although my specialty branch in the field of Hbys is Laboratory, I have taken active roles related to RIS, Inventory, Purchasing, Clinical, Outpatient Modules and Reporting processes. I worked as the Responsible for HBYS and Information Technologies in hospitals, during this time I used Hospital software, improved myself in every field and gained expertise on almost all modules. In addition to the HBYS system, I directed the information processing team for Network maintenance and repair, Server monitoring and Deployment processes of the hospital, Unifi Systems, Camera Systems, Network management with Fortigate, all kinds of operations that require Technical Support within the Hospital and carried out the necessary work for the smooth operation of the institution.

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