How to become a Freelance Mom: the Myths and the Realities

While Mother’s day in Canada is around the corner, what better way to bring you into my beautiful reality than to talk about becoming a freelance mom. Yes, today’s blog will give you a glimpse of my life as an independant worker/entrepreneur and what all freelancing mothers go through on a professional day to day basis. So to all fellow freelancing moms, let’s take a moment to celebrate the unsung heroes of the digital world—the multitasking mavens, the deadline divas, the queens of chaos… yes, I’m talking about us!

Picture this: You’re sitting at your makeshift office (aka the kitchen table), laptop open, coffee in hand and a toddler clinging to your leg like a tiny, adorable barnacle. Ah, the glamorous life of a freelancing mom, am I right?

But hey, amidst the chaos, there’s magic. Like when you manage to hit ‘send’ on that client email on this freelancer project just as your little one decides to take a nap (bless their tiny, unpredictable hearts). Or when you successfully negotiate a deadline extension while simultaneously soothing a teething baby and making a mental note to buy more coffee—you know, for survival.

The Realities

Let’s talk about the realities, shall we? There’s the perpetual struggle of finding a balance between work and family. One minute you’re drafting a killer proposal, and the next, you’re playing referee in a sibling squabble or rescuing the cat from a toddler’s enthusiastic embrace.

And let’s not forget the epic battle against distractions. From Paw Patrol marathons to impromptu dance parties, every day is a delightful adventure in the land of “Mom, watch this!” But hey, who needs a quiet office when you’ve got a front-row seat to the cutest show in town?

  1. Flexibility: One of the most significant realities of freelancing for moms is the flexibility it offers. Being able to set their own schedules allows freelancing moms to prioritize family commitments while still pursuing their professional goals. However, this flexibility also means being able to adapt to the unpredictable demands of both work and family life.
  2. Juggling Multiple Responsibilities: Freelancing moms often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities simultaneously. They must seamlessly transition between client meetings, deadlines, and household chores, all while attending to the needs of their children. This reality requires strong organizational skills and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  3. Isolation: Working from home can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation for freelancing moms. Without the social interactions that come with a traditional office setting, they may miss out on opportunities for networking and collaboration. Finding ways to stay connected with peers and building a support network are essential for combating feelings of loneliness.


  1. Work-Life Balance: One of the most significant advantages of freelancing for moms is the potential for achieving a better work-life balance. By setting their own schedules, they can arrange their work hours around family commitments, allowing for more quality time with their children and loved ones.
  2. Increased Control Over Work: Freelancing moms have greater control over the type of work they take on, the clients they work with, and the projects they pursue. This autonomy enables them to align their work with their passions and values, leading to greater job satisfaction and fulfillment.
  3. Professional Growth: Despite the challenges, freelancing moms have ample opportunities for professional growth and development. They can expand their skill set, pursue new projects, and take on leadership roles within their freelancing businesses. Additionally, the flexibility of freelancing allows them to adapt to changing industry trends and explore new avenues for career advancement.
  4. Financial Independence: Freelancing can provide moms with a source of income that offers financial independence and stability. They have the potential to earn a competitive income while still having the flexibility to prioritize family needs. Additionally, freelancing moms may be able to save on childcare costs by working from home on their freelance projects.

Overall, being a freelancing mom involves navigating a unique set of realities and advantages. While it may come with its challenges, the ability to create a fulfilling career while nurturing a family is a rewarding journey that many freelancing moms embrace wholeheartedly.

The Myths

There are several misconceptions or myths about freelancing moms that often circulate in society. Here are a few:

  1. Freelancing moms have plenty of free time: One common misconception is that freelancing moms have abundant free time because they can set their own schedules. In reality, juggling freelance work with childcare responsibilities often means that their time is stretched thin, and finding moments for themselves can be a challenge.
  2. Freelancing moms aren’t as committed to their work: Some may wrongly assume that because freelancing moms have family obligations, they are less committed to their freelance work compared to those without children. However, freelancing moms are often highly motivated and dedicated professionals who work hard to balance their professional and personal lives.
  3. Freelancing moms are less productive: Another misconception is that freelancing moms are less productive because they work from home and may have interruptions from their children. In truth, many freelancing moms are adept at time management and can be highly productive, often multitasking and maximizing their efficiency during their work hours.
  4. Freelancing moms are not as reliable: There’s a stereotype that freelancing moms may be less reliable than other freelancers due to potential disruptions from their children. However, many freelancing moms are diligent about meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work, often leveraging their organizational skills to maintain professionalism despite the challenges of parenting.
  5. Freelancing moms have it easy: Some may mistakenly believe that freelancing moms have chosen an “easy” path by working from home and caring for their children simultaneously. In reality, freelancing moms face unique challenges, including managing their own businesses, navigating fluctuating workloads, and dealing with the pressure to excel in both their professional and personal roles.

These misconceptions fail to acknowledge the resilience, dedication, and resourcefulness of freelancing moms, who continually strive to succeed in both their careers and their families despite the obstacles they may face.

Now, onto the tips for mastering the art of freelancing mom life:

  1. Embrace the chaos: Let go of the notion of a perfect work-life balance and embrace the beautiful messiness of it all. Some days, you’ll feel like a superhero; other days, you’ll wonder if your cape got lost in the laundry pile. And that’s okay!
  2. Set realistic expectations: Learn to prioritize tasks and set achievable goals. It’s okay to say no to that last-minute project if it means preserving your sanity and spending quality time with your mini sidekicks.
  3. Create a kid-friendly workspace: Designate a corner of your home where your little ones can play while you work. Bonus points if it’s stocked with crayons, coloring books, and snacks to keep them entertained (and away from your laptop).
  4. Take breaks: Remember to carve out time for self-care amidst the hustle and bustle of freelancing mom life. Whether it’s a quick walk around the block or a solo dance party in your living room, find moments to recharge and rejuvenate.
  5. Celebrate small victories: From hitting deadlines to conquering the never-ending pile of laundry, take time to celebrate the small wins. You’re doing an amazing job, mama, and don’t you forget it!

When I started the life of freelancing as a mommy, I never expected it to be this adventurous and fun. Of course, at times it’s hard, you work late evenings when baby is finally asleep and there will be days when you feel like you want to give up. But the most important is to know that you deserve to have a stable work-from-home environnement and that it is possible to succeed. So here’s to us, the fearless freelancing moms who navigate the wild and wonderful world of independant work and parenting with style, grace, and a healthy dose of caffeine.

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